We released an update to our latest beta version. We are getting close to an actual release, but some little things to do still. Mostly these are on the web side, apps are practically ready to go!


  1. You can now hear recorded cheers too!
  2. Your live location is shareable now with your friends
  3. So much stuff under the hood that you can’t imagine!

Known issues:

Recorded audio files are played out with low volume. Well, practically they are not, but we could compress the dynamics on the record side. So if your friend talks his cheers with normal voice, they sound like normal voice. If they shout, you will hear them shout! This is a web-side issue and will be covered soon. Ask your friends not to curb their enthusiasm! 🙂

Typing the RACE ID in the app is a pain-in-the-ace. Hopefully you’ve copy pasted the code from your confirmation mail, but still it is. Next release will have a feature, where you click the link from your email and Race Peps app does the magic for you and fills in the RACE ID and password.

Check the download links below, and enjoy!

for iPhones on Testflight

for Android phones on Google Play Beta