Race Peps F.A.Q.

Everything you need to know is here.

Thank you for registering! We are still in BETA, so everything isn’t quite as polished as it will be, but follow these simple steps to create your first Race Peps race!

First log in to the Race Peps planner: https://runner.racepeps.com and click “NEW RACE” to create the race. A sidebar will appear – in the future this will have most running events listed ready-to-go, but for now you can add the route with a GPX file.

You can usually find a GPX file on the running event’s webpage, or from Strava, Suunto, Movescount or similar services, for example at gpsies.com.

If you can’t find the route anywhere, or just want to add your own run, you can easily plot the route on gpsies.com.  Just plot your route and choose “EXPORT as GPX” – no need to register.

Once you have the GPX file, click “Import GPX” in the Race Peps planner, and choose the file on your computer. When you see a preview of the route, click “select”.

Next you will enter a name and description for your route, as well as set the start and end times.

Between the start and end time, your friends can send you LIVE messages, so make sure these are accurate and in the correct time zone (where the race is located).

LIVE TRACKING is still in development, so it doesn’t do anything yet – but once it’s released your friends can see your location during the race!

Next you’ll choose a password. You will use the password and event code to open that specific race in the Race Peps app when the race is about to start.

Now you can click “Done!” and your race event will be created! You will receive a confirmation email with the password, event code, and the link to share with your friends – so no need to remember them. Your friends can leave messages well before the race, so feel free post the link already! Keep in mind that anyone with the link can leave messages without registering.

From the link you shared your friends can see your race route and leave messages on the map. When you reach these points in your route, your phone will speak the messages to you! The page also has a countdown to the start of the race: when the race is on friends can send you LIVE messages, which you’ll hear immediately.

Practically all languages are supported, so your friends can leave messages in any language they want to!

No one – not even you – can read these messages, so no need to be shy with them. One message takes a few seconds, but the race is long – so tell your friends to leave lots of funny messages to keep you going through the race!

While your friends can leave messages from the web, you’ll need the app to hear them. As said, we are still in BETA, so the app is not in app stores yet. You can get the app from Google’s BETA Program (Android) or Apple’s Testfligh app (Iphone). The process is simple – just follow the links with instructions.

For Android phones: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.racepeps.android

For iPhones: https://testflight.apple.com/join/Fuhn6IP4

When the race is about to start, just launch the Race Peps app and enter the Event Code and Password – you can find these in the confirmation email.
Then plug in your headphones and tap the PLAY button in the Race Peps app. You can individually turn off the LIVE messages or the ones on the map from the little buttons.

Let fly and squeeze 5 minutes from your time with the help of your friends!

After the race you can log in to the event planner to read the messages – but don’t worry, no one else can see them.

Race Peps is still in development, so we would like to hear any feedback you have of the app. Everything helps, so don’t be afraid to send even seemingly obvious things!

We already have many features planned for Race Peps: the next big thing is Voice Messages, so your friends can actually record their cheers instead of just writing them.

Send feedback: