Let your friends cheer you at Helsinki Half Marathon!

The Helsinki Half Marathon is one of the biggest and most beautiful races in Finland. The route rolls through Helsinki city centre and includes a lot of shoreline. HHM is a great race for all runners.

Read more: https://helsinkihalfmarathon.fi/

What is Race Peps?

While you are running, your friends can cheer you on the race without leaving their home sofa. With Race Peps, your friends can send their custom cheering messages to you, and you will hear them during the race. Messages can be written or recorded, and messages can be set on course in advance, or sent LIVE during the race. Friends can also see your live location on the course on the friends page!

The Helsinki Half Marathon event has been added to our Featured races on the Race Peps Runner’s portal, so setting everything up is super E-A-S-Y and fast. After setup, share your event link to your friends some days before the race, and keep on resting and intaking those carbs. In the shared friends link, you friends can leave to messages on your course. On the race day, launch Race Peps app, plug in your headphones and enjoy the fun and love by your lovely and funny friends! And the best of all..

Using Race Peps at Helsinki Half Marathon is completely free and without hidden catches. This is how you do it:

1) See this tutorial video to set everything up:

2) Download Race Peps app on your phone, you will need it on race day:

Race Peps on the App Store 

3) And this is how your Friends will do their magic:

So everything is pretty easy and straightforward. To read more detailed written instructions for setting up the race for yourself, see this page: setting up a Race Peps event. If you have any questions, head out to our forums or just contact us they way you prefer (Facebook has been the most popular so far: https://facebook.com/racepeps  :).

Photo and text credit: http://helsinkihalfmarathon.fi/