Let your friends cheer you on the London Marathon!

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About London Marathon

Founded by Chris Brasher and Jon Disley, the very first London Marathon was held on 29 March 1981. Some 20,000 people wanted to run. 7,747 were accepted. There were 6,255 finishers, led home by the American Dick Beardsley and Norwegian Inge Simonsen, who staged a spectacular dead heat at the rain-swept finish on Constitution Hill. Read more: www.virginmoneylondonmarathon.com

What is Race Peps?

Now it is 2019, and your friends can cheer you on the London Marathon without leaving their home sofa. With Race Peps, your friends can send their custom cheering messages to you, and you will hear them during the race. Messages can written or recorded, and messages can be set on course in advance, or sent LIVE during the race. Friends can also see your live location on the course!

The London Marathon event has been added to our Featured races on the Race Peps Runner’s portal, so everything is super easy: Pick your race and create your event in just a minute. Then share your event link to your friends and keep on resting and intaking those carbs. On the race day, launch Race Peps app, plug in your headphones and enjoy the fun and love by your friends! And the best of all..

Using Race Peps on London Marathon is completely free and without hidden catches. This is how you do it:

  1. Read more and register at: https://www.racepeps.com. Only you need an account, not your friends.
  2. Log in to https://runner.racepeps.com and create your race event Log in -> +New race -> pick your event -> edit (if you want) the name, description and start / end times -> next -> finish.
  3. See our tutorial video below to see everything step-by-step: https://vimeo.com/318877803 (it is a bit outdated, due to the new and easier version of Race Peps released just recently)
  4. Share your event link with your friends some days prior the race. Post it on Facebook or however you want. Friends will open the link and write or record their cheers on your route.
  5. If you now some other participants, let them know about Race Peps too, so you get to send cheers too!
  6. Download Race Peps for iPhone or Android here: https://racepeps.com/download Only the runner needs the app, not the friends.
  7. !! IMPORTANT !! Launch and log in to the app some days before the race, to avoid all the hassle and buzzle and sizzle on the starting line!
  8. On the race day, open the Race Peps app, pick the London from the list, tap GO, stow away the phone, and hear the love from your friends during the race. It will be emotional and fun!
  9. During the race, friends can send you live messages and see your location on the map too on the same Friends page, you shared with them.
  10. After the race, log again into the runner portal to see and hear all the messages sent to you!


  1. Use something else than Edge browser, please. Chrome is good!
  2. Optionally you can add some messages to yourself too, heads ups for drinking points etc. Just open the Friends link and pep yourself! 🙂
  3. You can use all the other apps just like normal (music, trackers), and Race Peps will NOT drain your battery out.
  4. Friends can’t ever see other friends messages. The runner can’t see any of the messages prior the race; after the race (after the set finish time has lapsed), Runner gets access to all sent messages.
  5. Only the runner needs an account and the app, friends do not need to register or download any apps. Anyone who has the Friends’ link can send you messages.
  6. After tapping GO, make sure you will hear a welcome message and see yourself properly located on the map view.
  7. Additionally you can set a hello message spoken to you every now and then, just to make you sure that the app is up and running.
  8. We would love to hear your feedback, good or bad or anything in between! Race Peps is a little hobby project, built by a little team in Finland. Even thou it is not mandatory, we would really love to hear, how did we do in London.

If you have any questions, head out our forums or just contact us they way you prefer (Facebook has been the most popular so far: https://facebook.com/racepeps  :).

Photo and text credit: www.virginmoneylondonmarathon.com 

Tutorial video