Let your friends cheer you in Stockholm!

Effort. Tears. Laughter. Endorphine. Overwhelming emotions when You, along with runners from almost 100 different countries, with a will as strong as yours, conquer the streets of Stockholm. ASICS Stockholm Marathon takes place right in the heart of Sweden’s capital to the sound of thousands of leaping feet, the song of gulls and the cheering of the spectators along the streets. A running adventure through one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. Read more: https://www.stockholmmarathon.se

Get cheers from home sofas

Your friends can cheer you on the Stockholm Marathon without leaving their home sofa. With Race Peps, your friends can send their custom cheering messages to you, and you will hear them during the race via the Race Peps app. Messages can written or recorded, and messages can be set on course in advance, or sent LIVE during the race. Friends can also see your live location on the course during the race!

The Stockholm Marathon event has been added to our Featured races on the Race Peps Runner’s portal, so everything is super easy: Pick your race and create your event in just a minute. Then share your event link to your friends some days before the race and keep on resting and intaking those carbs. On the race day, launch Race Peps app, plug in your headphones and enjoy the fun and love by your lovely and funny friends! And the best of all..

Using Race Peps on Stockholm Marathon is completely free and without hidden catches.

This video shows you how to set everything up:

And this is how your Friends will do their things:

Download Race Peps app:

Race Peps on the App Store

Useful hints:

  • Register now on the web: https://www.racepeps.com/register/
  • Friends won’t need registering or apps! They only need the unique Friends link.
  • On race creation, you can edit the name, description and start/end times of your race. LIVE messaging is ON between start – end time.
  • Friends can’t read/listen other friends messages ever – neither can you until the race end time has lapsed!
  • Send the link to the Friends tutorial video to your friends: https://player.vimeo.com/video/333705325
  • Include a screenshot of your route to your Facebook post to make the post more attractive
  • If you figure out, how to easily share the link on Instagram, please tell us! 🙂
  • To avoid hassle on the start line: download the app and login and give all the permissions to the app well prior the race!
  • Just before the start, launch the app to make sure you’ve got all the messages downloaded and tap go.
  • Remember to exit from the race after finishing!
  • You can read & listen the messages after the race at https://runner.racepeps.com

To read more detailed written instructions for setting up the race for yourself, see this page: setting up a Race Peps event. If you have any questions, head out our forums or just contact us they way you prefer (Facebook has been the most popular so far: https://facebook.com/racepeps  :).

Photo and text credit: https://www.stockholmmarathon.se