Virtual Helsinki City Run

Run the HCR official course or anywhere

NOTE: Currently all audible content provided in the app is only in Finnish!

With Race Peps app, you can run the (almost) official Helsinki City Run course or run it anywhere and feel the atmosphere virtually.

If you choose to run the offical course, Race Peps’s custom turn-by-turns will keep you on track and offer some funny facts about the surroundings. If you choose to run the Virtual Race, you can run a half-marathon anywhere you want, and Race Peps will tell you, where you would be on the official course.

Virtual HCR is completely free to everyone, no matter if you have enrolled for the actual event or not. Download the app below, check the quick start guide video above and run the races between 16.5. – 16.6.

Race Peps on the App Store

Route Code: HCRD

Once you have installed the app and logged in, you can add the routes by tapping the + icon in the bottom of the screen.

Enter the route code “HCRD”. Route code is entered only this once, all routes will stay in your phone from there on. You can use your trackers and listen to music normally with Race Peps during the run.

HCR Official Course

Wind yourself to Urheilukatu in Töölö and follow the instructions. Race Peps’s tailored handmade turn-by-turns instructions will keep you on the course precisely. This is the official course amended with some mandatory little changes, due to the construction works and traffic management. All this only in Finnish currently!

HCR Virtual Race Anywhere

You can run the Helsinki City Run anywhere you want. Just head out from your home door and run a regular 21,1 km run. Race Peps will tell you, where you would be on the official course and keeps you entertained with other fun stuff too. All this only in Finnish currently!


Post pictures from your run on Instagram with the tag #virtualhcr.
Participants have a chance to win prizes offered by the HCR organizers! Read more from Helsinki City Running Day social media channels.